Fulltrúi VÍK á slóða-ráðstefnu í USA

Nú stendur yfir ráðstefna National off-higway vehicle conservation council (NOHVCC) í Nýju Mexikó, Bandaríkjunum.  Fulltrúi Íslands er Ásgeir Örn Rúnarsson og hélt hann utan á páskadag.  Það er Vélhjólaíþróttafélagið VÍK sem greiðir götu Ásgeirs, en þetta er í annað skipti sem VÍK sendir fulltrúa út á ráðstefnuna.  Þeir sem vilja fylgjast með Ásgeiri er bent á skoða bloggsíðu Hjólavillinga, en þar eru dagbókarfærslur og myndir.  Þann 23. apríl mun Ásgeir svo halda fyrirlestur um ráðstefnuna og þann lærdóm sem draga má af henni.  Fyrirlesturinn verður auglýstur betur þegar nær dregur.

Dagskrá ráðstefnunar er svohljóðandi.

 Tuesday, March 25

 7:00 AM-6:00 PM  Optional:          4WD, ATV and OHM Rides

                                                            Please see pages 15-17 for specifics and registration 

 12:00 PM-5:00 PM Optional:        ASI ATV Safety Training Course

Registration and location information will be announced soon.  Please check our website for current information.

 12:00 PM-4:00 PM Optional:        Sound Measurement & Technical Inspection Class

                                                            Please see pages 22-25 for course specifics and registration

                                                            Location: Hilton

 Wednesday, March 26

8:00 AM-5:00 PM       Open:          NOHVCC Board of Directors

                                                            Location: Hilton

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Closed:         USFS OHV Meeting

                                                            Location: Hilton

 10:30 AM-4:30 PM  Closed:          BLM Trails and Travel Management Team Meeting

                                                            Location: Hilton

8:00 AM-5:00 PM Optional :          Tread Lightly!â Tread Trainer Course

                                                            Please page 20 for course specifics and registration

                                                            Location: Hilton

 7:00 AM-6:00 PM  Optional:          4WD, ATV and OHM Rides

                                                            Please see pages 16-17 for specifics and registration

 7:30 AM-6:30 PM  Optional:          Chaco Ruins Tour

                                                            Please see pages 18-19 for specifics and registration

 12:00 PM-5:00 PM Optional:         ASI ATV Safety Training Course

Registration and location information will be announced soon.  Please check our website for current information


12:00 PM-4:00 PM Optional:        Sound Measurement & Technical Inspection Class

                                                            Please see pages 22-25 for course specifics and registration

 1:00 PM-5:00 PM   Optional:         National Association of OHV Program Managers Annual                                                               Meeting

Location: Hilton

Thursday, March 27 – National Association of OHV Program Managers                                                                        Conference

Co-Chair: Tom Metza, State OHV Program Manager, Colorado

Co-Chair: David Downing, Snowmobile and TV Program Coordinator, Iowa         

7:00-8:00 AM     Registration and Breakfast Buffet        

8:00-8:30 AM     Welcome, Introductions, Purpose & Objectives

                                    Tom Metsa, Co-Chair, NAOPLM 

                                                Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, NOHVCC

8:30                              Side-By-Side OHVs – The New Wave?


Panel Discussion – In many states side-by-sides is the fastest growing segment of OHV sales.  With the growth in sales come issues related to how states describe the vehicles and how and where they can be used.  This Panel session will present the approach used in several states as well as an industry perspective. 

                                                Tom Metsa, State OHV Program Manager, Colorado

Paul Vitrano, Exec. Vice President, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Organization 

9:30                              Sustainable Trail Systems

As agency budgets tighten and OHV use is limited to designated routes on public lands, sustainability from both an environmental and economic point of view become crucial.  This session will focus on understanding what sustainability means and how to achieve it.

                                                Dick Dufourd – RecConnect, Oregon

10:30                            Break   

11:00                            Concurrent Sessions

1) Planning for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation

Tom Crimmins is a retired US Forest Service OHV Manager and the author of the NOHVCC publication Management Guidelines for OHV Recreation. This session will give an overview of the proven management techniques described in the book.

                                                Tom Crimmins, Trails Consultant, Idaho

                                  2) Cooperative Agreements – Agencies Working With Others for Success

Cooperative agreements and assistance agreements allow agencies, cities, counties, and other entities leverage their ability to provide services.  This session will present several examples including the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area in Grand Junction, Colorado.

            Jim Cooper, BLM, Grand Junction Field Office

Others TBA


12:00                            Lunch


1:00                              Using Video Technology to Sell Your Project

Convincing a community that an OHV park in there area is a good idea can be very challenging.  Texas State Parks developed a high quality DVD about an existing park and how it has benefited the community.  You will learn how the DVD was made, how it was used, the results, and how you may also make use of the Texas DVD.


                                                Steve Thompson, State Trails Coordinator, Texas State Parks


2:00                              Concurrent Sessions


1) Marshall University: Moving to On-line for Long Distance Learning for Managers and Volunteers Everywhere

An overview of the efforts by Dr. Raymond Busbee to make OHV management courses available through distance learning courses

Kyra, Consultant, Marshall University On-Line Conversion

Dr. Raymond Busbee, Marshall University. Ret.

2) Lessons Learned in Travel Planning

Travel Planning can not only be contentious, it can be difficult to complete.  This session will look at two travel planning projects; one very successful, the other, considered by many, less successful. This session will discuss lessons learned and will focus on the elements that lead to success.

 Dietrich Schwecke, Travel Planner, Lewis and Clark National Forest,


3:00                              Break

3:30                              Management of State Grant Committees

 Within the world of OHV recreation, land mangers receive guidance from a wide array of advisory groups and commissions offering input on expenditure of trail funds. Their members include riders, environmental organizations, law enforcement and even tourism agencies.  Finding common ground can be challenging. This session introduces an expert panel of managers who work closely with OHV advisory groups or commissions  Their experience may help you in your efforts to achieve efficient and effective communication, cooperation, and advocacy from your advisory group, board or commission.


Gary Briere, Chief of Recreation, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Massachusetts

Steven Bowman, RTP Program Manager, Iowa

Others TBA


4:30                              Adjourn for the day


4:00-6:00 PM                 New NOHVCC State Representatives Orientation Session


Everyone is welcome.  The orientation is designed to give new (and veteran) NOHVCC Representatives and Associates, and anyone else who would like to attend, the opportunity to get a better understanding of  the NOHVCC, how we work, and what we offer.


6:00-9:00 PM                 NOHVCC & OHV Program Managers Welcome Reception & Dinner, Everyone is welcome to attend!

Friday, March 28 – National OHV Program Managers Conference and NOHVCC Annual Conference

7:00-8:00 AM     Registration and Breakfast Buffet


8:00                             Welcome and Introductions


Dan Kleen, President, NOHVCC

Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, NOHVCC

John Barksdale, NM NOHVCC State Representative, NMOHVA

Terry Heslin, Travel Specialist, BLM, Boise, ID


8:30                              Life After the Motor Vehicle Use Map

An overview of the NOHVCC Route Designation Workshop program, and discussion of the next phase of the RDW series and the services that are now available.


Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, NOHVCC

Tom Crimmins, Trails Consultant, Idaho

Duane Taylor, Government Relations, Motorcycle Industry Council


9:00                             Recreational Trails Program Update

The Recreational Trails Program is one of the most, if not the most important funding sources for OHV trail system.  This session will give you the latest information about the program and an opportunity to ask specific questions about the RTP Program.


Christopher Douwes, Trails and Enhancements Program Manager,

Federal Highway Administration


10:00                            Break


10:30                            Concurrent Sessions


<!–[if !supportLists]–>1)     <!–[endif]–>4-H ATV Safety Youth Education Programs & Mississippi State University’s Extension Service CD games/Kiosk


This session will provide you with an overview of the National 4-H ATV Safety Program, how you can get involved in your state, and a look at the new tools created by the MSU Cooperative Extension 4-H which includes an interactive ATV game and an interactive kiosk for use at events


            Kirk Swain, WA

                                    National 4-H ATV Safety Grantee, Instructor & Volunteer

Chief ASI Instructor


<!–[if !supportLists]–>2)     <!–[endif]–>Army Corps of Engineers OHV Projects


The Army Corps of Engineers manages several OHV areas and works in partnership with various organizations to manage others.  This session will look at examples of ACOE riding areas and the potential to create new and expand existing opportunities.


            John Pasa, ACOE, Natural Resource Specialists Iowa

            Dan Kleen, Executive Director, Iowa OHV Association

Others TBA

12:00 PM                      Lunch


1:00                              Concurrent sessions


<!–[if !supportLists]–>1)     <!–[endif]–>Monitoring OHV Trail Systems


Monitoring is required on virtually every trail system on public land.  This session will look at an example of a monitoring plan on BLM land in Nevada, will discuss monitoring basics, and will show how new video and GPS technologies might be employed to improve monitoring.


Liz Salsbury, Monitoring and Interpretation Specialist Great Basin Institute, BLM, Ely Field Office

Roger Blain, President, Action Sports Cams, Inc.


<!–[if !supportLists]–>2)     <!–[endif]–>BLM OHV Strategy and USFS Travel Management Rule Update


An update on the challenges and accomplishments in the implementation of the Bureau of Land Management OHV Strategy and the Forest Service Travel Management Rule.


Deidre St Louis, OHV Program Manager, USFS, Washington, DC

Terry Heslin, Travel Specialist, BLM, Boise, ID

3:00                       Break

3:30                       Concurrent Sessions

<!–[if !supportLists]–>1)   <!–[endif]–>Land Trusts and Conservation Easements

In order to improve existing OHV opportunities and create new ones, it’s going to take new approaches and creative thinking.  This session will look at two new “Land Trusts” aimed at increasing OHV opportunities and an example of a conservation easement that protects the land from subdivision and maintains a natural view shed as well as preserving OHV access.


Paul Turcke, General Council, Cascade Project

          Meg Grossglass, President, Family Recreation Land Trust

Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, NOHVCC


<!–[if !supportLists]–>2)     <!–[endif]–>Successful State OHV Programs – The Three Legged Stool


Nearly every successful OHV program has three common elements; a strong state association, a state OHV registration program, and gas tax refund money from the RTP, state, or both.  This session will help you understand how to reach success using existing models.


            Ernie Lombard, Idaho Trail Machine Association

            Dana Bell, NOHVCC Senior Project Coordinator

4:30                       Wrap-up NAOPM Conference

5:00                       Adjourn

Friday Night – Dinner on your own

Saturday, March 28 – NOHVCC Conference

7:00-8:00 AM     Registration and breakfast


8:00                              OHV Communities – Pulling Together for the Common Good

                                    Disagreements and mistrust between motorized user groups is all too common.  This session will focus on the benefits of learning to understand other motorized groups and work productively to achieve our common goals.


Brian Hawthorne, Public Lands Policy Director, Blue Ribbon Coalition


8:30                              Maximizing State Representatives Effectiveness


How to maximize your effectiveness as a NOHVCC Representative in your state using resources available through the NOHVCC.  This discussion will focus on how NOHVCC can help your state and local organizations be more successful.


                                                Jim Barrett, NOHVCC Network Development Team Leader

                                                Jack Terrell, NOHVCC Project Coordinator


9:00                              What Tools Do We Need For the Future


Facilitated discussion.  In order for our form of recreation to continue to grow we need new ideas and tools to succeed.  This discussion will allow all of us to share ideas, successes, and learning experiences to help identify the best course for the future.


            Tom Crimmins, Dana Bell, Jack Terrell


10:00                            Break


10:30                            Working Shows and Mining Information

Most OHV groups work booths at tradeshows and events.  This session will look at techniques that maximize interaction with the public and ways to gather and track information that can be useful in a variety of ways.


            Dana Bell, Senior Project Coordinator, NOHVCC

Karen Umphress, MN State Associate, NOHVCC

            Bob Ski, NOHVCC New York State Representative                     


11:30                            NOHVCC Election Process


12:00                            Lunch


1:00                              Improving Leadership Skills


3:00                              Break


3:30                              Team Meetings: With facilitated discussion, establishment of
                                                priorities and assigned staff tasks


5:00                              Adjourn for the day


6:00-11:00 PM               Saturday Night Celebration Dinner at the Hilton Hotel 

Sunday, March 30 – NOHVCC Conference


8:00 – 9:00 AM  Breakfast Buffet


9:00                              Sound Bites – How to Master the Media

Using the media to get your message accurately out to the public is a critical key to promoting and protecting OHV recreation opportunities.  This session will focus on sound bites, how to develop them and how to use them.  The session will also include an opportunity to develop and test your own sound bites for specific issues you face.


            Mike Mount, Motorcycle Industry Council

            Jen Dreis, Motorcycle Industry Council


11:00                            Break


11:15                            Team Reports


12:00                            Adjourn Conference

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