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„Attacking Arm Pump“

Since the sun is now shining and the snow is melting another great season of riding is all but here. But before you head out on your ride make sure you get those arms of yours in top notch riding condition.

Attacking Arm Pump: Let’s Play Raquetball

When it comes to arm pump and riding motorcycles, nothing can replace proper fitness and conditioning. Although, many riders with good fitness levels still develop arm pump when they ride. Since, not all of you are professional riders and arm pump surgery is not an option, using a raquetball is a cheap and effective treatment.

Since much of the tissue around our forearms doesn’t expand as easily or rapidly as our muscles, when we fill the muscles full of blood they feel “pumped,” because the outer tissue won’t expand. So to help allow the outer tissue to expand it can be manipulated with the racquetball to be more extensible. This treatment can be performed daily or on race day only.

First, put the ball on a firm surface. Lay your forearm on top of the ball and roll the ball by moving your arm. Try to go from the wrist all the way to the elbow, periodically changing directions and moving the forearm to varying degrees. You should perform this for approximately 2 minutes with the palm down and 1 minute with the palm up. If you find a really tender spot, pause your arm there and leave it there for 10 seconds or so. If you find a lot of sore spots, it may be a good idea to do this everyday at home or in your car. In your car, just put the ball on your center console and roll it around.

Of course this technique is not the total answer. It is important to become fit and to perform your active dynamic warm-up before you ride. Personally, I have found racquetballs run approximately $3 for a package of two. As far as I know, that is a lot cheaper than surgery. As always, email me with questions at

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