Bréf frá Hollandi

Vefnum hefur borist bréf frá hollenskum ferðamanni sem er alvarlega að spá í ferðalag um Ísland næsta sumar á hjóli.  Vefurinn birtir bréfið til allra þannig að þeir sem vilja, geta svarað honum.

Barst vefnum 15 okt. 2001


I’m planning a motorbike trip to Iceland for the summer of 2002.

I would like to ask you a few questions and some advice about that.

At the moment I own a Honda VFR 750 F. I realise that It is not a good idea

to ride this bike on Iceland. So, I’m thinking of buying another one. Maybe a

Yamaha XT 600 E or something similar.

What’s your experience with this?

What do the locals ride?

How large should the petrol tank be if I want to go into the Highland?

Are there petrol stations in the highlands?

What spare parts should I take with me?

Are there any bike shops and garages on Iceland?
Also outside Reykjavik?

What bike brand is it easiest to get parts and service for?

How many kilometers does a tire last on Iceland?

In what month should I go?

How long should I stay?

What can you say about prices for parts, oil and petrol?

Is it possible to rent a bike on Iceland?

I hope you can help me out with some of my questions,



From The Netherlands

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