Viltu læra að hjóla hjá Tony Cairoli

Nú er möguleiki á að hjóla með kappanum.  rb_train_tony

Eina sem þú þarft að gera er að lesa meðfylgjandi grein.

Know the secrets of Motocross riding at “Red Bull Train With Tony”

Sjá Kynningu á þessu HÉR.


2009 FIM MX1 World Champion Tony Cairoli will offer a selected group of 30 MX fans two special track days to teach them the secrets of riding. The dates of the “Red Bull Train With Tony” will be November 15 at Cremona and November 29 at Moltalbano Jonico, both in Italy, as the contest selecting the participants is open only to the Italy based fans.

After delighting his many fans with the victory of the 2009 MX1 series and a stunning moto triumph at the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations on home soil, which ended with an unfortunate crash at the start of the final heat, Italian Cairoli has more to give his fans.

To take part in the “Red Bull Train With Tony” it is necessary to hold a license from the National Federation and to have a strong passion for Motocross. Those interested should send a video featuring their riding, a sports CV and a cover letter describing their passion for Motocross and their approach to the sport.

Other than being a Motocross teacher, Cairoli will also read through the many requests to select the final 30 participants.

At the “Red Bull Train With Tony”, an event backed by the Italian Motorcycling Federation (FMI), on November 15 at Cremona and on November 29 at Moltalbano Jonico, Cairoli will be joined by former GP winner Claudio Federici, now part of the FMI’s training programs.

“This will be the perfect reward for all those people who supported me during this most important and exciting Motocross season of my life,” Cairoli stated. “I do not know if I will be a good teacher but I am sure the passion for this sport, which I share with my supporters, will make these two days a lot of fun.”

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