Bless Ísland!!

Strákarnir í NGAGE voru ánægðir með heimsóknina til Íslands um daginn og sendu okkur línu sem birtist hér með…
NGAGE would like to thank all the riders who attended the training sessions last week. NGAGE said that all the riders

responded well to the coaching and rode very well throughout all 3 days.
We love coming to Island as the riders always put their hearts and souls into the sport and the people are very friendly.
A BIG THANKYOU has to go to the track organisers at Akranes and Bolalda for letting us rip the place apart and a special thanks to the Icelandic express (aka Valborg) for looking after us.
We hope to be making 4 trips next year and possible 1 more this year.


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