Þakkir frá Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley keppti í öllum keppnum Íslandsmótsins í motocrossi og er mikil innspýting í sportið. Hann er líka sannur heiðursmaður og hann sendi okkur hér á vefnum nokkrar línur og hér koma þær:

Hi Everyone,

I would like to say a big ”TAKK FYRIR” to all the people I was involved with over the summer.

Special thanks to Pétur and Stefanía for their great hospitality and organizing, Haukur and Tedda, Kawasaki, N1, Snæland video, Kjöris and Góa for their support and all the riders who joined the training and for your continued interest, your progress and ability to, improve each time you ride your bike.

For me it has been a great journey and challenge

which started at the beginning of December last year when I had an operation on my wrist which had a 60% success rate. I only started riding my bike in April, this gave me around 8 weeks to be bike fit and quick enough to achieve my goal of winning the championship (my plane ticket).
I had a problem with my bike at home, which meant that the only practice I have had when the season had started was here in Iceland, before each race! Knocking myself unconscious before Akureyri was a challenge to overcome, as was racing with flat tires, no front brake and engine problems which occurred in different races. Losing my friend a couple of days before the last race was a challenge for my concentration!
The challenge from other riders as their speed increased each race meant that I continually had to think for and push harder for longer in the races. All this gave me great motivation and I have enjoyed every race very much.

What a great summer 08!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Thanks for the coaching and racing. If your anything like me, the journey continues and more steps are to be taken on the ladder (upwards of course ☺ ).

Have fun and ride your bikes as fast as you can,

All the best………Ed Bradley #7

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