N-gage dagatal 2008

N-gage gengið hefur gefið út áætlun fyrir 2 Íslandsheimsóknir í sumar

ello and a happy new year to you all
i am now in a position to release dates for the first 2 visits to island:
may 20 expert training
may 21 intermediate training
may 22 ladies training
may 23 85 – 150cc training
may 24 auto’s – 65cc training
july 15 experts
july 16 inters
july 17 ladies
july 18 85-150cc
july 19 auto’s-65cc
all sessions are £100.00 per rider booking with be strickly first come first serve. through elias see above cc for his email address
the venues are yet to be arranged
anybody who need to talk to me my number is below

Ngage Coaching & Athlete Support
tel: 07771 866 787


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