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Grétar Sölvason, sem steypti stéttina fyrir okkur við Bolölduhúsið fer á næstunni til Kaliforniu ásamt nokkrum félögum. Þeir eru að fara á byggingarsýningu í Las Vegas 22.-26. janúar en fara fyrst til Los Angeles þann 18. og hjóla til Vegas. Lítur hreint ekki illa út þegar allt er á kafi í snjó hér heima.

Hér er leiðarlýsing frá skipuleggjandanum AdMo-Tours, http://www.admo-tours.com/

Hello guys,
Here is the Hotel List for your tour.

Also the tur itinerary:

We welcome you on the LA to Vegas motorcycle tour. This tour provides
the opportunity to explore the California Mojave Desert from its
highest peeks to the lowest point of the America’s on a dual sport
bike. Off road fun is guaranteed along curvy jeep roads and dual sport trails. The „Wild West“
with its awe-inspiring landscape is calling to you.

This letter will provide some basic information about your trip and
what you will need to do beforehand.


Day 1: Arrival in Wrightwood
Introductions and welcome at 6:30 p.m. or later depending on arrival
time in Wrightwood.

Day 2: Wrightwood – Randsburg (150 miles) Start time 8:00 a.m. We will
load luggage in the support vehicle and provide you with a detailed
route briefing. We will wind through the San Gabriel Mountains and Los
Angeles Forest on the first leg of this day’s ride. You will be able to
test your dirt bike skills on single trails through Baldy Mesa before
crossing El Mirage Dry Lake Bed like the speed record cars.
Before the day is over you will experience great riding with the option
to visit a Borax Mine in Boran and see Edwards Air Force Base. Upon
arrival in Randsburg, Pat, the proprietor of the Cottage Hotel will
provide a „home cooked dinner“.

Day 3: Randsburg – Death Valley (170 miles) Pat will provide breakfast
at 7:00 a.m. Tour start time 8:00 a.m. We will load luggage in the
support vehicle and provide you with a detailed route briefing. You
will be able to view Barrel Cactus and Joshua Trees along the way
across the Mengel Pass and see the Trona Pinnacles, an area of Tufa
towers formed when a large lake covered the Searles. Enjoy the freedom
of endless dirt bike riding through the Spangler Hills. There will be
the option to explore a strange tunnel dug by Burro Schmidt during
thirty-two years of tunneling – using only a pick, a shovel, and a four
pound hammer – through nearly 2,500 feet of solid granite! We will also
ride across the beautiful and scenic wonder of Red Rock Canyon State Park.

Day 4: Death Valley to Las Vegas (150 miles) Start time 8:00 a.m. We
will load luggage in the support vehicle and provide you with a
detailed route briefing. This day’s ride will be determined by the
conditions of the weather and we will ride either through the Spring
Mountains (often snow covered during the winter months) and Red Rock
Canyon or through the Dumont Dunes and Kingston Range. We guarantee
unforgettable scenery in this very remote Desert Landscape!

Departure: Tour ends upon arrival in Las Vegas. If you plan to stay in
Vegas, be sure you have hotel reservations for this evening.

What to bring

When you are packing for this trip, please remember that you will be
traveling to a different destination every day – so travel light. Our
support vehicle will transport your luggage between accommodations.

You should bring some light riding pants, a jersey and a light jacket.
GoreTex might almost be too much, as it doesn’t breathe very well. You
should bring some short and long-sleeved T-shirt’s and a sweatshirt.

When on the road, you should carry the following items with you at all

. Helmet (we highly recommend a dirtbike helmet)
. Clothing layers
. A camel back (AdMo will provide a back pack, but a camel back is
easier to use for water)
. Drivers license
. Medical Insurance Card
. Maps and hotel list
. Don’t forget your photo equipment!

AdMo-Tours bikes will not have any luggage racks, so all of this must
go into your backpack.


Because this is an adventure tour, off-road riding gear is recommended.
Protective riding gear must be worn any time you are riding. Riding
gear should include:

. Helmet and goggles
. Dirt boots
. Knee / Shin guards and elbow protectors
. Chest Protector
. Gloves

Feel free to call us any time at (760) 249-1105.


Robbie Walton

AdMo-Tours, Inc / USA
P.O. Box 1803
1300 Highway 2 #4
Wrightwood, CA 92397
Tel: ++1-760-249-1105 / 1-800-944-2356
Fax: ++1-760-249-5550
Email: dirtbike@admo-tours.com
Web: http://www.admo-tours.com/

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