Þessi kveðja var að berast frá Íslandsvini.
Just heard Iceland is now a member of FIM and looking at your calendar I see
you got MX of Nations on it. Being in FIM is great news and can only be a good
thing for Icelandic MX, you are now a part of the rest of the world.

What you need to do soon is to start your work and choose a team manager who
will pick the squad you send. Ideally you need someone who’s raced at the top
level in Iceland, who has no personal agenda and who has the respect of
everyone involved in the sport.

England has a long history in the Nations and it’s a big deal for MX fans. Last
time we won David Thorpe was our team manager. Now you need to find yours.

I have been in Iceland for the past years and seen the MX grow. I just liked to
congratulate you on this and hope you vikings wont kick our ass too bad when
England meets Iceland next fall.

Sean Lawless,
Editor, Dirt Bike Rider.

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