Sebastian Tortelli til KTM

Núna er silly seasonið á fullum snúning í Evrópu og eins í Ameríkuni. Fyrrverandi heimsmeistari og fyrrum liðsmaður Suzuki í Ameríku er gengin til liðs við Team KTM Factory/Red Bull liðið. Hann mun keppa við Stefan Everts, Tanel Leok, Joshua Coppins, Steve Ramon, liðfélaga sinn??? Michael Pichon og marga fleiri. Tortelli   skrifaði undir hjá KTM um að keppa í MX1 árið 2006 og svo mætti hann snúa aftur til Ameríku 2007 ef hann fýlar sig ekki í Evrópu, svo er verið að tala um að Michael Pichon mundi  einnig ganga til liðs KTM liðið fyrir

 næsta ár er einhvað til í því? Ben Townley núverandi heimsmeistari í MX2 og liðmaður KTM liðsins mun færa sig til Ameríku og gengur til liðs við Pro Circuit Kawasaki og verður þá í liði með Ivan Tedesco og Grant Langston.
TeamKTM Factory/ Red Bull liðið er skipað:
2006 liðið
Sebastian Tortelli
Jonathan Barragan
Marc De Reuver  
Michael Pichon ????
MX2 Liðið er ekki enþá ákveðið en Tyla Rattray mun vera þar ásamt einhverjum örðum ófundnum, Rattrey hefur verið meiddur allt þetta tímabil og ætlaði að færa sig til Ameríku eftir þetta ár en mun taka eitt ár í viðbót í Evrópu og reyna hampa titlinum í MX2.

Pit Beirer  eigandi KTM með fréttatilkynningu í Gaildorf um helgina.
Pit Beirer : Welcome Sébastien !

A few hours after the signature of Sébastien Tortelli with KTM for the next seasons, Pit Beirer explained during a press conference in Gaildorf how they made the deal with the former double World Champion, who will be back to the MX1 series next year for the Austrian factory.

“ The whole story started when our friend Ben (Townley) told us that he was moving next year to America, for another brand. We were of course disappointed about that but Ben is a friend of KTM and the door will never be close to him if he wants to come back. He is one of the most professional riders that I know, and it was a big pleasure to work with him,” started Pit.
“ We had to replace him with a really strong rider, we talked with some guys here in Europe but nothing came really together and we were of course not really happy with the other riders we had so far. Marc (De Reuver) will discover the MX1 class, and we cannot expect him to win next year, we need to give him some time as well as Joanthan Barragan. It was clear that we were missing a leader for our team, and I remembered that I had a good friend in America with Sebastien. We just call him and start to negotiate; things go really quick, he wanted to come back in Europe as his career didn’t developed as expected in America. For him it’s a really good chance to get a strong base for his future career. We know that he is a professional worker, and I think that he will suits good to our mentality. We are ready to make the best for him next year, and are happy to announce his transfer now. Kurt met him last Thursday in America and signed the contract, and we are happy to replace Ben with a really strong rider, it’s important for the future of our MX1 team,” explained Pit. For the first time since a while, a rider is coming from America to Europe and that’s a good sign for the World Championship. “Of course we know that the riders get a lot of money in America, but the gap is not that big that it was some years ago, so we could offer a good salary to Sébastien which is looking for a challenge. I think to get a full factory bike and a full factory support behind you is attractive now, even for riders who are living in America. If the return of Sébastien is successful, then may be it will open the market again to bring other American riders back to European motocross. It’s the World Championship, and there is a big value for that for every rider,” ended Pit Saturday evening.

On Sunday morning Pit Beirer was beaming, and gave another important new. “Late yesterday evening we reached a verbal agreement with Mickael Pichon, who will join our MX1 team next season. Two weeks ago we had no top riders and now we have two strong leaders, I was always confident as well as Kurt (Nicoll) and Heinz (Kinigadner). We have a dreaming team for next season,” said the KTM sport marketing manager.

President of Youthstream, Giuseppe Luongo was of course delighted with the come back of Tortelli in Europe. “I want to thanks KTM for their policy in Motocross and Supermoto, it’s really what we wait from a partner. KTM is a manufacturer who really invest in our sport, and this is a great move who give more value to our sport. I hope that KTM and Sébastien will have the results, we knew that Sébastien was young when he was in Europe but he was able to get two titles and he was really professional. He was concentrate on racing, he had also good relations with everybody. For sure it will be a pleasure to work with him again, and it’s a really good move for the World Championship value. We are closing the gap with America, including salary and if you look to the number of races that riders do in USA and in Europe the difference is not that big. Of course we are disappointed that Ben leaves Europe, but I’m sure that he will be a great ambassador for the GP’s,” explained Giuseppe Luongo.

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