GYM eða PUB ??

Fögnuður ríkir í Bretlandi eftir hið konunglega brúðkaup.  Nú er spurning hvort Sean Lawless ritstjóri DirtBikeRider hefur nokkuð tíma til að taka þátt í gleðinni því að samkvæmt öllu á hann að vera hel-illur í ræktinni, því kallinn er væntanlegur á klakann til að taka þátt í keppninni á Klaustri. Tökum hús á Lawless.

Good morning Sean.  So have you been to the pub…oops…I mean the gym this morning?

No to both of the above – I haven’t been to the gym for two years and the pub doesn’t open until 11.30am.

Now you have become bit of a regular in Iceland and racing in Klaustur for the 3rd time. Why?

Because I enjoy pain – it is just weakness leaving the body (got that last bit from the back of a t-shirt). And Iceland’s a pretty cool place to race.

So I guess its safe to say you have some friends in this little island?

I prefer the expression acquaintances! Ha, seriously, I have made some good friends in Iceland – although I’ve been forced to resign my Greenpeace membership…

Now, we kicked your butt in the Cod war.  Do you think Knight is here for revenge because of that?

Of course, revenge is a dish best eaten cold – and I think he likes hunting penguins as well.

But seriously, why do you think such big guns like Sala and Knight come to our little island?

To taste wictory! And the Icelandic experience is unique – Klaustur is a special place to race and the atmosphere is brilliant. They may be world class riders but they’re like all of us – a little R&R in Iceland is a beautiful thing.

Is there any truth to the rumour that Iceland is good for „baby making“?

Hell yes!

Tell me a littlebit about what bike you are racing this year and your plans for the race?

Okay, it’s a YZ250 so it’ll probably be blue… As for the race plan, I’m not going to give too much away but I reckon we’ll start strong before fading like a set of cheap brakes around the five minute mark.

Did you know that smoking will be banned in Klaustur this year?

I am an athlete – it is of no importance.

Why are there so few beautyful women in England?

Why are all the men in Iceland so ugly. Life is a big mystery…

Few years back I remember you talking about Iceland as a great place for trials. Please explain.

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory…

Lastly, you are the editor of Englands biggest dirt bike magazine.  Tell us a bit about the mag.

What’s to say? We sell about 17,500 a month which is more than double our nearest rival. Everyone on the mag loves bikes and hopefully that passion comes across in the finished product.

OK thanks mate.  I trust you have a good one at the puuu…..I mean the gym.
See you at Klaustur.

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