Aprilia MXW 4,5 keppti á Ítalíu

The long awaited Aprilia MXW 4.5 has made its debut in the hands of Thomas Traversini at round 2 of the Italian Motocross Championship at Castiglione del Lago over the weekend (May-23).

In an official release Aprilia stated that the debut went better than expected when Traversini finished in fifth overall at the end of both muddy motos. The first moto saw Traversini come from 34th place to place 8th after crashing in the opening laps, whilst the second moto saw a fourth place finish.

Maybe what I?m saying is quite obvious-Thomas Traversini commented- but I?m really happy and satisfied by the result I?ve obtained – to ride the MXW was really awesome. The daily result is the result of the excellent job performed by the Aprilia Team – we?ve collected much data that will allow us to improve in sight of the debut in the World Championship.

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