Project Arngnold

höfundur: Þórir Kristinsson

Still, the grass is greener on the other side. Team V.H.S. demanded more from their KX´s for the Icleandic mx series. More of everything to be exact. The project: Dress the mighty KX 500 motor in a 250 frame. It seemed that few had attemted this before. After asking around they dug up one identical monsterbike down in Australia but that was about it. So it was time to improvise. Long nights of welding and throwing wrenches at the wall led finally to this sleek beast. The biggest problem was making new mounts for the motor. The frame had to be cut and made slightly higher to hug the big monster. The radiator-, air box and most other frame mounts had also to be remade. Next a pipe from a CR 500 was chosen and modified to give real midrange blast. The silencer was the short KX 250 type, modified to give quick snap but to keep noise levels down at the same time. They figured this bike wanted to go fast so the swingarm was made 1 inch longer and Öhlins steering damper mounted in the front to increase high speed stability. Suspension is standard Kayaba in the rear, made stiffer with revalving and Marchocci up front.
So after about 150 workhours, Arrgnold saw light of the day. So how did it do? It easily pulled all the starts and went away to win it´s first ever race with it´s master sitting frozen on top.

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